For Start Ups & Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur with all that it means by uncertainty and a thousand questions? We have many years experience of working with young companies and can help you to set up a stable basic structure at an early stage. By hiring us, you can focus on developing your business and your business concept.

Over the years, we have helped several development companies to adapt their accounts to their operations, create effective routines and produce relevant financial information. With a basic structure, you get it right from the start and can focus on moving forward.


We help you to develop true and fair decision-making documents and to interpret financial information. What will the effect be from different action options? The more accurate the analysis, the better the decision. Here we can be of good help. We follow your business as it changes and adjust the financial statements accordingly. Different phases of development have different needs. We ensure that your business is always in the best possible conditions for increased profitability.

If you are new to the role of entrepreneur, you will most likely be facing questions that we can help straighten out. We have the competence partly through previous experience and partly through our network of specialists.