Successful companies know that financial control is a crucial factor. Structure, clear goals and systematic follow-up are the guiding principles on a company's road to good results. We can provide your company with financial expertise in several areas. We can help you create and follow up the routines that keep the course straight towards the goals. You get a committed partner that analyzes and gives advice from a holistic perspective. We are flexible, which means that you can outsource all or just parts of the company's financial function to us. You can also hire us as consultants for individual projects. We follow your company's development and provide the skills needed at the right time. No matter how you want the collaboration to look, we help your company to develop in the right direction.

Conisco AB is a member of Srf (Swedish Accounting Consultants Association), which is the oldest and leading association for accounting consultants. SRF is one of the organizations that manages and supervises the authorisation of accounting consultants. Conisco AB has three authorized accounting consultants and the entire agency works according to Rex (Swedish standard for accounting assignments). This means, among other things, that if all the conditions under Rex are met, we submit a financial statement report that works as a quality stamp on your company's financial statement. Our authorisation also means that we have a liability insurance approved by Srf, we have requirement for continuous education and the quality of our work is audited every six years. For more information about Srf and Rex, see www.srfkonsult.se


Our team consists of six dedicated consultants – ready to help you with your company's accounting.