If you want to devote yourself wholeheartedly to your business, help with current accounting is a good advice. Then you do not need to spend time on either administration, accounting or keeping up to date on rule changes. We will do it for you.

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Are you an entrepreneur with all that it means by uncertainty and a thousand questions? We have many years experience of working with young companies. We understand your situation and can help you reach your goal.

Basic structure

We help you at an early stage to establish a stable basic structure for favorable economic development.

Interpretation of financial information

We help you to produce true and fair decision documents and to interpret financial information.

Custom accounting

Different development phases have different needs. We make sure to adapt the accounts accordingly.

Answer your questions

If you are new to the role of entrepreneur, there are certainly questions that we can help straighten out.


We can provide your company with financial expertise in several areas and create and follow up the routines that keep the course straight towards your goals.


You get a committed partner who closely monitors and analyzes your company's development.

Holistic perspective

We give you advice from a holistic perspective and provide the skills needed at the right time.


We are flexible, which means that you can outsource all or part of the company's finance function to us.

Follows Rex

We work according to Rex, Swedish standard for accounting assignments, which means a high quality in accounting.


Our team consists of seven dedicated consultants – ready to help you with your company's accounting.

If you want to get to know us a little more – have a peek under "about us".